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Weekend Project: Pokémon Name Generator
12 July 2022
Like many millenials, I grew up playing/watching/collecting Pokémon. Back then, there were only 151, but that was still enough variety to make naming all of them quite difficult - even if you were fan. For parents and the uninterested, the names were quite difficult to keep in one’s head. Now there’s almost 1000 and some of them are quite strange. Looking at you “klink, klang, and klinklang”.
Adding a Star Rating with Turbo
14 January 2022
This post walks through the process of adding a rating system to a Turbo powered single page application. The application in question was built up in a previous post. If you want to follow along with the post, you can grab the repo at the starting point or just read the pull request.
Ruby to Elixir: Holding State
20 December 2021
I’ve been using this year’s Advent of Code as an excuse to learn and practice using Elixir. Elixir is a functional programming language that shares some stylistic similarities with Ruby.
Making a Single Page Search with Turbo
4 December 2021
Turbo (part of Hotwire) is a supercharged version of Turbolinks. If you’re used to immediately turning off Turbolinks in any new project, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t need React or Vue to build a rich and interactive web app.
This Blog is Brought to You by Jekyll, Not Rails
10 June 2019
Even though I am a ruby developer, my blog isn’t written in rails. I know your first thought here must be to shun me, but hear me out. I serve my blog on Heroku, using their static buildpack, generating the content with Jekyll. I am much happier because of this.
Playing with Ruby and Flickr
12 December 2016
One of the best things about being a developer is the ability to play with computers, getting them to do cool things that don’t really serve a purpose. Often, the only limit is your imagination and the free time you have. In this vain I looked at getting ruby to download the top photo(s) from flickr and setting them automatically as my MacOS wallpaper. I had fun, so I thought I’d write down my experience.